Privacy Policy

Your Photos Are Your Photos.


The Snapperific Team and Studio Codeworks will not use your pictures or photographic images without your permission.  Any posts to Facebook, Twitter, or other Picture Sharing outlets are made on your behalf and only with your permission.

Your images are not indefinitely stored on our systems. We only keep the digital files around long enough to print them at the highest quality. Once your order is completed, the images you’ve uploaded to us are removed.

Personal Information
Your personal information is not shared with or sold to any third parties. We use your personal info to fulfill your order or resolve an issue with your order internally. Snapperific doesn’t capture or record your credit card info. Our payment processor, Paypal, uses your account of credit card info to process your payment and sends our server a payment notification. We may link to third party sites from time-to-time to share information about apps or our services, but we do not supply these sites with any of your information.

Upon your first use, Snapperific asks that you allow us to capture user interface events. We use this information to deliver to you the very best Snapperific experience. We’ve received awesome feedback regarding our UI and UX and we seek to make Snapperific the best iPhone-to-print app and service on the planet. We do not sell analytics data to any third party. This information is strictly used to make the Snapperific app the best in the market.

The Snapperific Team values your privacy and your business.


The Snapperific Team

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