The Snapperific Team is committed to quality and committed to serving you. Here’s what people ask us the most.

Are Canvas Prints Ready to Hang?

Yes.  All of our canvas prints are on a stretcher frame and ready to mount or hang on the wall.  We even apply brush strokes to make your artwork stand out.

How Long Does It Take for Me to Get My Prints?

Typical delivery times are 5 days for standard prints and 7 days for prints stretched on canvas.

What Makes Snapperific Prints Special?

You do of course.

Your photos are printed on the highest quality matte finished, Fuji Crystal Archive papers, and are color-corrected to give the best tonal and shadow impression.  Prints are inspected by human beings before they are shipped to you.  Human beings insure that we always produce consistently vibrant and beautiful photographs from your images and kick out those green or bluish cast images the auto shops produce.

Also, each 11×14 and 16×20 sized print is sprayed with a lustre finished UV coating insuring your prints last in the sun and don’t fade over time.

Is My Credit Card Info Secure?

The Snapperific app doesn’t store any credit card information or Paypal login details on your iPhone or anywhere else.  Your payments are always secure with Paypal and Snapperific doesn’t see this information either.  We use PayPal to process payments securely and send the notification that payment is completed. If you use your Paypal login, credit card information isn’t even typed in because it’s stored on Paypal’s servers.

Are My Photos Private?

Your photos are your photos. Period.

We don’t share your images with anyone else and it’s up to you to share your Snapperific photos with your Facebook family.

For more information you can read our Privacy Policy.

Can I Use Snapperific on My iPad?

Yes you can! Currently, Snapperific is designed for the iPhone’s screen but you can buy prints from your iPad as easily as you can on your iPhone. The app will just run in the iPhone environment on your iPad, but it will be the same experience.

Why Does Snapperific Need to Know My Location?

Snapperific accesses your iPhone’s local photo albums. An iOS application doesn’t have access to the photo library by default. Apple requires applications to ask you for permission to access your photos and these permissions are tied to iOS’s Location Services. If you don’t grant Snapperific permission to access your location, we are unable to print your photos.

Why Does Snapperific Ask Me to Allow Analytics?

We’ve spent countless hours and testing to build an intuitive and creative user experience. But, we can’t interview the whole planet to understand how Snapperific will be used. We capture specific UI events to determine if our app is working for you. We use this information to improve the usability of our app and turn that into an awesome experience. We don’t share any information with any other source, it’s only used to help us provide the best experience to you.

What is iPhoneography?

iPhones are great point-and-shoot cameras. After the iPhone 4 was released people started noticing that you can take some speactacular photographs with it and burgeoning industry of Photo apps and services blossomed. iPhoneography is an extension of photography where the focus is taking the most creative images using your iPhone.

Am I Able to Use Snapperific on My 3GS?

Yes. You can, but we recommend that you don’t order images greater than a 5×7 with images taken with your 3GS. If you have taken images with a DSLR or posted them on Flickr you have more flexibility with print sizes. If Snapperific doesn’t think that an image will print well at a specific print size, it will warn you and give you the opportunity to continue ordering the print or cancel.  The images taken with an iPhone 4 or 4S have more pixels and can be used to print larger  sizes.

How Long Does It Take to Upload Images?

It depends on the number of photos in your order. In suburban Washington, DC on AT&T’s network in a cell zone with ‘1 bar’ Snapperific can upload 1 MB in 30 seconds. If you have an iPhone 4, your Camera Roll images are about 5 MB in size, on average.

After your purchase is completed, Snapperific will recommend if you should wait to send your photos if your cellular connection is flaky or if your order is over a specific size. Snapperific will send you a notification if your order uploads successfully, or if for some reason we couldn’t receive all of your photos. You can easily send the remaining photos in your order, by tapping the ‘Review Order’ icon on the main screen. There you will find a list of previous orders where you can check your order status, as well as a list of orders that still need to be transmitted for printing. Simply tap on one of the orders needing transmission, and Snapperific will pick up where it left off and send the remaining photos.

There is absolutely no problem with using your iPhone cellular service to upload you order, but we do recommend using a WiFi network for faster upload times.

Where Can I Ship My Photos?

Anywhere really, although, the Snapperific app is available in all of North America (Canada, Mexico, and the USA) you can ship prints around the world.

As long as you pay the shipping of course. :)

What iOS Versions Are Supported by Snapperific?

Snapperific runs on iDevices running iOS 4.1 to the latest, iOS 5.1.

How Can I Get the Very Best Results?

Check out our tips for taking better iPhone photos. We cover everything from technique to apps that can help you get the most out of your digital images. Start with shooting even lit and bright scenes. The imaging sensor or CCD in the iPhone is pretty good, but it doesn’t capture its best images in low light situations. When shooting bright scenes make sure you aren’t blowing out your highlights.

Do I Need to Be on WiFi?

Nope, you don’t. If you have a large order, we recommend you using WiFi because the transmission will be a lot faster and the connection is more reliable. You’re more than welcome to use your cellular network, and don’t worry, if the connection breaks during upload Snapperific will buzz your iPhone and you can pick up where the transmission dropped off in the Review Orders screen.

Can I Print Instagram Photos?

Yes, but…

Instagram has many great looking filters and they take great photos when you use the Instagram app to take the picture.  Instagram has one slight issue when you post images that are imported from another app or from your iPhone’s Camera roll.  Instagram saves imported images with a lower resolution (612×612) which may not be suitable for all print sizes.  Photos printed with these lower resolutions may be fuzzy, grainy, or dark.  If you choose to print an Instagram image at a lower resolution Snapperific will warn you if the resolution is too low for the print size selected.

For more information about Instagram image sizes, please read their FAQ at instagram.com.

Can I Use Snapperific on My Jailbroken iPhone?

Why wouldn’t you be able to?  You can access Flickr, Camera+, and pay using PayPal using your iDevice.

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